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The Excellent Pastor of The Church of God

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The first Executive Council session of the new church year was completed this week. Dr. Tim Hill's leadership as our General Overseer honors God, is very clear, and visionary.


His challenge for the Church to accelerate the FINISH Commitment is bodacious and unprecedented. I speak for myself, but sense a strong spirit of unity prevailing among leadership at all levels.

I believe many will catch the vision and join this FINISH movement. ...Like a mighty army moves the Church of God!

Be reminded that to honor one is not a dishonor to others.

I love and admire all previous Presiding Bishops, and have the utmost respect for my former General, Dr. Mark Williams, an exemplary leader... par excellent!

I am privileged to have the unique opportunity to serve as second Assistant General Overseer for eight years with two outstanding Executive Committees and Councils!

It is an honor and exciting privilege...


...thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you!