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Haiti Update

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HAITI -- Orphanage Dufailly: The security wall is almost complete surrounding the Orphanage. We are plastering and detailing the columns. The gates and doors are in place and we are making final adjustments. We gave the director money to purchase the children’s uniforms and shoes for school.

We recruited a Men and Women of Action team, led by Jim Helms of Virginia, who will go to the orphanage, install new window doors, and do the electrical wiring and lighting. We purchased the Alum Windows and exterior doors, which will be ready this month. Keep us in prayer as we progress. We talked to a missions well-driller and a price has been agreed upon. We still have a lot to do as we move forward.

Turbe' Church: The church is coming along nicely; the walls are up and the crew is putting on the plaster. We hope it will be completed soon.

Bishop Bourdeau, the fabricator, and I went to the site and measured the trusses and doors. We are doing well, and looking forward to getting this work done. The dedication should happen in 2012. The area does not have water at the site, so we have to make “water runs” every other day to keep the workers busy.

Medical Clinic: We are in the final stages of completing the clinic’s security wall which keeps the community from passing though. We have a MWOA team coming soon that will help us with the final cleaning, and painting of the exterior and interior walls damaged by the earthquake.

We ordered the doors/gates for the wall, and hope to have them installed in the coming weeks.

Widows Home: The people that were living on the grounds after the earthquake are in the final stages of relocation. We need to clean up the area and remove the debris. The MWOA team led by Gin Lilley will assist in the clean up, and also assist me with the beginning of the painting and repairs. We laid out the location for the new security wall to be erected which will separate it from the other building. We have much to do and are working toward a beautiful building for the widows. We are not ready yet for total interior furnishings, but are pushing for the first of the year.

Compound: We continue to close in the compound’s security wall, and the crew is working hard. We received our new 20KW generator that Hugh Carver located for us that will run the whole compound. We were running an 11KW generator that finally gave up on us, and we had to have a new one. Much landscaping will be required in removing debris, and cleaning up the area. Please pray for the people still living in the tents throughout Haiti who need a place to live.

Jim and Gina Hudson
Construction Missionaries to Haiti