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Caribbean Men and Women of Action (CAMAWA)

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Motto: “Leaving our marks!”
Supervisor: Bishop Paul A. Ricketts
Leader: Mr. Felipe V. Taylor

Our Goals:

  • To assist with the design, building and remodeling of churches
  • To provide technical support for areas such as spacing, designs, drawing, bill of quantities, and estimates
  • To raise up a taskforce that moves us from a mission field to a mission force, in the areas of building
  • To ensure that new buildings are futuristic and architecturally sound
  • To identify ways to help increase the annual budget for projects especially in the areas of transportation, meals and lodging
  • To raise up a taskforce of no less than 150 persons who are skilled in the various areas of construction (Masons, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Architects, Engineers etc.)

Process of Project Selection:

Pastors are required to submit requests for assistance to their respective Territorial Overseer (Administrative Bishop), who will in turn submit request to Bishop Charles the Field Director for consideration (a request form will be provided to Territorial Overseers). Bishop Charles will then decide in what order the various churches will be helped. Once the decision is made the project will then be forwarded to the Supervisor with the necessary instruction.
The project will then be discussed with the Supervisor, Leader and his operation board. The work will be assessed (cost, material, time frame needed to complete, possible date of commencing and estimated date of completion). This group will then report back to the Caribbean Field Director and once the project is approved, measures will be implemented to complete the task.


We would like to take the approach of building in the day and having services in the night where possible. Weekends will be maximized since most of the men and women have regular weekly jobs( We are hoping that we can attracts some retirees and owners).